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 The Voices of Liberty CD

Hear the Founding Fathers in Their Own Words.

Listen as Michael Scherer reads

the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Bill of Rights and all of the Amendments;

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The Voices of Liberty is a 2CD set containing audio versions of documents and addresses by the founding fathers of the United States. The first CD in the set includes the Declaration of Independence, a document that is the epitome of freedom and liberty, and the Constitution of the United States of America, including amendments, which established and defined “liberty” in the United States. The second CD contains six various tracks including the “Give Me Liberty” speech by Patrick Henry, “Thoughts on Government” by John Adams; Washington’s Farewell Address; “Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address” and two tracks by John Quincy Adams; “Mission of America” and “The Right of Petition”.

The Voices of Liberty CD set is being offered to the public at $6.00 per cd plus 3.99 (the Amazon fixed rate for shipping) shipping and handling for a total of 15.99 including all applicable sales taxes.   We ship all orders USPS First Class mail in the United States.  We can ship up to three (3) CD sets in the same shipping package therefor the price has been reduced on orders of two or three sets shipped to the same address.  (Please note the price quantity drop down box.)  Most orders are shipped within one to two days of receiving your order.


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